Friday Faves {October 10, 2014}

Friday is finally here! My travel schedule has been so crazy that I’m excited to finally have a long weekend home with very few plans other than a girls dinner tonight. Check out some of my favorite posts from this week below!

 photo b5f4d9d6-e56c-46f1-9c16-b4bb6a52615d_zpsd91a4ab7.jpg

  1. My 1st Fit & Fab Living Post! I’m so excited to have become a beauty contributor to Fit & Fab Living. Check out my first post here, featuring my “do’s and don’ts” of eye shadows, including some great tips from some of my favorite makeup brands, including bareMinerals, Laura Mercier, Mary Kay and Urban Decay. {}
  2. Removable Wallpaper in Fab Prints. When I saw this removable wallpaper on Pinterest, I was tempted to hit order on Urban Outfitter’s website and decorate my cube and anything else I could in it. It’s amazing and I just need it. {}
  3. Personal Stylist Delivering Clothes to My Door. This was my second time trying out StitchFix and I have to say I am a huge fan! All you have to do is pay a $20 styling fee, fill out a very detailed profile and set a date that you want to receive your package. A stylist picks out clothes just for you and you keep and pay for only what you like. The styling fee goes toward that purchase. And if you like everything, you get 25% off! I’ve been getting so many compliments on the plaid shirt shown above. Check it out here. {}
  4. Glittery Pumpkins. OK, I know I posted about fun pumpkin decorations last week, but I found more and had to share. I might need to glitter-ify some pumpkins to go along with my gold ones. {}

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