This Year’s Thanksgiving Recipes

It’s been a while since I shared a recipe post, and that’s mainly because I’ve been traveling a bunch and haven’t been good about cooking on a daily basis. Now Thanksgiving is coming up this week and I’ve been busy planning out the menu for our gathering at my mom’s house. Since I’ve never hosted a big holiday with family (our condo is too small!), I’m focused on making the food prep and serving run smoothly while also being delicious – and that means not getting crazy with creating my own recipes.

This year, I’m sticking with a few of my favorite go-to recipes and then adding some others that I found on Pinterest, all of which are either simple, can be cooked in a slow cooker, or can be made ahead of time and then popped in the oven on Thursday. To make things even easier, my father-in-law is deep frying the turkey, so the oven will be free to finish off the apps and sides all day. Read on for my Thanksgiving menu and use the links to get the full recipes! And I also threw in a few tips and shortcuts for making things like stuffing and mashed potatoes even easier.

Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas - this is what I'll be cooking!

1. Cheese Platter

You can’t go wrong here. Grab your biggest platter and pick out an assortment of cheeses with different textures, shapes and sizes. Then add delicious deli meats, olives, grapes, nuts, spreads, crackers, sliced baguettes, or whatever you like to pair your cheese with.

Thanksgiving Menu Ideas: DIY Cheese Platter

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2. Hot Spinach-Artichoke Dip

This dip has been my go-to for years. It’s a crowd pleaser and has a few tricks within the recipe that make it healthier than most spinach artichoke dips. I always make this one ahead of time and put it ion the fridge until I’m ready to serve it. Then you just pop it in the oven for 20 minutes or so and you’re good to go. I’m also planning on trying out a slow cooker version of this soon – stay tuned!

Thanksgiving Recipes: Hot Spinach Artichoke Dip

{recipe via}

3. Veggies & Greek Tzatziki Sauce with Garlic and Dill

Whip up an easy, Greek yogurt-based dip to fancy up your veggie tray. It’s healthier than the dip that comes with the pre-made trays and it’s also delicious. You can make it with or without the chopped cucumbers – I’m going to leave them out since I’ll be serving lots of different veggies to dip in it. Make this one ahead of time too, give it a stir and pour into a bowl for serving when you’re ready.

Thanksgiving Recipes: Greek Yogurt Veggie Dip

{image & recipe via}

4. Baked Brie Bites

I love baked brie with the crescent roll exterior and some delicious jam inside. But the reality is, it can get messy and it will probably leave your guests with sticky fingers. This is an easy alternative that gives you the same taste but in bite-sized portions.

Thanksgiving Recipes: Baked Brie Bites

{image & recipe via}

5. Salad with Goat Cheese, Pears, Candied Pecans and Maple-Balsamic Dressing

My sister-in-law is the best at making salads. She’s actually in charge of salad for this year’s Thanksgiving feast, but based on what she’s made in the past, I would imagine this is something along the lines of what she’ll be making. Plus I love goat cheese and walnuts in salads, so I might have to make this one soon.

Salad with Goat Cheese, Pears, Candied Pecans and Maple-Balsamic Dressing

{image & recipe via}

6. Deep Fried Turkey

As a Thanksgiving amateur, the turkey was stressing me out, so I was a bit relieved when my husband mentioned how much he loves deep friend turkey – and that his dad knew how to do it. Honestly, I don’t know much about making turkeys, but I do know that deep frying it makes it so moist and delicious. Just make sure you do it outdoors and away from the house to avoid fire hazards!

Thanksgiving Recipes: Deep Fried Turkey

{image & recipe via}

7. Slow Cooker Buttery Garlic Herb Mashed Potatoes

The same says it all… an easy way to make mashed potatoes that are loaded with buttery, garlic goodness. For this recipe, you can even leave the skins on, so all you have to do is chop some red potatoes, add a few ingredients and let it be for either 2-3 hours on high or 5-6 hours on low. Mash them up when they’re done and you’re good to go! If you want to make things even easier, try my go-to shortcut: Ore Ida’s frozen mashed potatoes. You steam them, add milk and butter, mash up and serve, and no one will know they weren’t the real deal.

Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas: Slow Cooker Buttery Garlic Herb Mashed Potatoes

{image & recipe via}

8. Slow Cooker Cranberry Pecan Stuffing

Stuffing is another easy thing to make in the slow cooker – just need to borrow a second one from a friend of family member! I love the idea of sausage in stuffing, and this recipe adds a few other flavors with the additions of cranberry and pecans. Or if you want to take the super easy route, go for the tried and true Stovetop and add in whatever you like (my husband is pushing for this instead of homemade… we’ll see!).

Thanksgiving Recipes: Slow Cooker Cranberry Pecan Stuffing

{image & recipe via}

9. Green Beans with Cremini Mushroom Sauce

You can’t go wrong with green beans, and this recipe also has lots of flavors with the addition of cremini mushrooms and a delicious sauce. If you can’t find cremini mushrooms,  you can use a variety of different mushrooms instead, such as white button or chantarelle. This recipe made the list because it was a step up from regular cooked green beans but could also be made ahead of time – just let it return to room temperature and put in the refrigerator until you’re ready to bake it. And while I’m sure it’s delicious to make the crispy shallots yourself, I’m going to make this dish a little easier and cut out that step. Instead, I’ll top the dish with store-bought french fried onions.

Thanksgiving Recipes: Green Beans with Cremini Mushrooms

{image & recipe via}

10. Brussels Sprouts Gratin

My husband tried to tell me that Brussels sprouts aren’t Thanksgiving-y, but I disagreed, and then discovered that the whole internet also disagrees. So here they are on the menu, along with bacon. Because it’s a holiday and why not make them even more delicious?

Thanksgiving Recipes: Brussels Sprouts Gratin

{image & recipe via Light}

11. Citrus-Infused Cranberry Sauce

Fancy up the cranberry sauce this year by taking frozen cranberries, adding orange juice and zest, grapefruit juice and zest, brown sugar and cinnamon. You can also use fresh cranberries if you prefer. Or just stick with the canned version. Nothing wrong with that!

Thanksgiving Recipes: Citrus-Infused Cranberry Sauce

{image & recipe via}

12. Crock Pot Cranberry-Orange Mulled Wine

Festive drinks are fun for the holidays, so I went on the hunt for an easy one to pull together for Thanksgiving. I was originally looking for a spiked apple cider but then came across this one. I love any excuse to use my slow cooker and this drink sounds so good and perfect for fall!

Holiday Cocktail Recipe: Crock Pot Cranberry-Orange Mulled Wine

{image & recipe via}

13. Pumpkin Streusel Cheesecake Bars

I don’t consider myself a baker, so I like to keep it safe on the desserts. These pumpkin cheesecake desserts are easy and delicious. And everyone seems to love cheesecake, so you can’t really go wrong there. If you have leftovers, enjoy them all week.

Thanksgiving Recipes: Pumpkin Streusel Cheesecake Bars

{image & recipe via}

14. Caramel Apple Trifles

Since I’m not an experienced baker, I love either simple desserts or no-bake desserts, and this recipe caught my eye because it looks easy and delicious! It’s pretty much cinnamon apple goodness in a dish.

Caramel Apple Trifle Dessert

{image & recipe via &}

Thanksgiving Style, Three Ways

It’s almost time to kick off the holiday season with Thanksgiving coming up next week. I’m looking forward to hosting the holiday at my mom’s house and having both sides of our families get together at the house I grew up in for most of my life. Right now I’m working out the details of the menu in preparation for a big grocery shop this weekend (more to come on the menu and recipes!) and thinking about what to wear.

For Thanksgiving, I usually go for a good balance of dressed up and comfort when it comes to my style. I like to be able to move around easily while getting everything ready, eat lots of food and then lounging on the couch post-meal – all while being fancy enough that it still feels like a festive occasion. So today I’m sharing three different style ideas that fit that criteria: dressed up, casual and cozy. I actually love each of these looks below that I went ahead and purchased a few items… hopefully some come by next week! Shop each look using the links below.


Holiday Style {Shop the Look on}

Shop the Look:

Dress / Faux Fur Vest / Bag

Booties / Earrings / Necklace



Holiday Style {Shop the Look on}

Shop the Look:

Plaid Tunic / Bracelet / Earrings

Bag / Jeggings / Boots



Holiday Style {Shop the Look on}

Shop the Look:

Ring Set / Earrings / Jumpsuit

Scarf / Bag / Bracelet / Shoes

What are your favorite ways to get dressed up for the holidays? Let us know in the comments below!

Cozying Up in a Faux Fur Vest

I’m still in post-vacation depression and missing the hot, sunny weather in Hawaii, but now that I’m back in the swing of things and embracing fall while it lasts. Every season I tend to have a few go-to wardrobe staples, and this fall I’ve been loving great flats, cozy lightweight sweaters and fun vests. So today I’m sharing a combo of exactly that – with a faux fur vest that I picked up last year in the middle of winter and wasn’t quite sure how to style at the time, but have since figured out (and now love!).

I’ve always loved the look of vests, but living in New England, there’s such a limited window of time to wear them in. If the beautiful fall weather lasted more than a few weeks, I would wear them as both daily attire and as outerwear. So while that time of year is here, I’ve been wearing this faux fur vest on repeat – over a nice sweater, paired with a casual shift dress and boots, you name it. As the weather gets chillier, I’m going to try pairing it with heavier sweaters or just wearing my big winter coat over it when I trek to work – we’ll see how that goes!

Today’s post includes one way I styled the vest for fall: worn over an insanely soft (and affordable!) sweater, which comes in several different colors. I’m not usually a flats gal, as I tend to prefer booties, but these flats are by far my favorite. They also come in a few different colors and also a pointed toe version, which I may have to grab in another shade while they’re on sale.

Shop the look using the links below – enjoy!

Fur Vest Season {Shop the Look on}

Shop the Look:

Faux Fur Vest / Sweater (on sale) 

Jeans (similar) / Flats (on sale + pointed toe version here)

Necklace (similar) / Earrings (similar)

Fur Vest Season {Shop the Look on}

Fur Vest Season {Shop the Look on}

Fur Vest Season {Shop the Look on}

Fur Vest Season {Shop the Look on}

Fur Vest Season {Shop the Look on}

Fur Vest Season {Shop the Look on}

Fur Vest Season {Shop the Look on}
Fur Vest Season {Shop the Look on}
Fur Vest Season {Shop the Look on}
Fur Vest Season {Shop the Look on}

Sunday Sale Finds {Vol. III}

I made it back from Hawaii last night and spent today catching up on laundry and Scandal while adjusting to the time difference. I’ll be sharing lots more on my travels in the coming weeks (follow along on Insta @dailykatyblog for pics!), but for now I’m sharing my picks from the Nordstrom fall clearance sale – up to 40% off now through November 15! I went a little shoe crazy with today’s post, but there were so many good options that I just went with it! Plus most of them come in a few different neutral colors.

Not looking forward to going back to reality tomorrow, but you’ll be hearing more from me now that I’m back from my trip! Until then, shop today’s sale finds using the links below…


Sunday Sale Finds

Shop the Sales:

Cognac Boots / Brown Flats / Wedge Sandals

Pave Earrings / Black Booties / Fringe Booties

Bag / Blue Earrings / Sunglasses / Bracelet

Sweater / Jacket / Tunic / Cardigan

Blanket Scarf Season

Blanket scarves are everywhere, and I think I would wear one every day if I could at this time of year. They’re so cozy, you can wear them lots of different ways and they come in so many colors at a variety of prices. The one I’m wearing in today’s post is under $20! It also came in handy when I was traveling last week – I took it off and used it as a blanket on the plane.

Most days I’m all about comfort and convenience when it comes to style, especially since I commute via public transportation and walking to work during the week. You can usually find me in flats or wedges, and these shoes are so comfy once the leather is nice and worn in (took me a few times of wearing them to really love them). Crossbody bags with enough room to put all of the essentials are also my go-to, and this one is the perfect size.

Also, I’m a big fan of jeans that have stretch to them, and the girl at the store I got the black jeans shown here told me they are actually made from yoga pants material. You can’t beat that! They are so soft and stretchy (I recommend sizing down – I went with my usual size but they did stretch out a bit).

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect blanket scarf, check out this post with 13 different options, all under $50! And you can shop today’s look using the links below. Enjoy!


Blanket Scarf Season - this one is under $20! Shop the look on

Shop the Look:

Blanket Scarf / Shirt (similar)

Jeans / Earrings (similar)

Shoes / Bag (similar here + here)

Blanket Scarf Season - this one is under $20! Shop the look on

Blanket Scarf Season - this one is under $20! Shop the look on

Blanket Scarf Season - this one is under $20! Shop the look on

Blanket Scarf Season - this one is under $20! Shop the look on

Blanket Scarf Season - this one is under $20! Shop the look on
Blanket Scarf Season - this one is under $20! Shop the look on Blanket Scarf Season - this one is under $20! Shop the look on
Blanket Scarf Season - this one is under $20! Shop the look on

Blanket Scarf Season - this one is under $20! Shop the look on

Sunday Sale Finds {Vol. 2}

Football Sunday is here, also known as kinda-sorta watch football while I browse for the best online deals in my pjs on the couch. I’m almost all packed up and ready to head to Hawaii (yay!) and while I have warm weather on the mind, there are some great sales going on right now with items perfect for fall and even winter. Shop my sale picks using the links below – everything is at least 40% off!


Sale Finds on

Shop the Sales:

Sunglasses / Backpack / Green Jacket

Leather Jacket / Makeup Palette

Brown Boots / Tan Vest / White Vest

Black Jeans / Black Boots / Bucket Bag

Friday Faves {October 23, 2015}

Happy Friday! I’m so excited because my husband and I are headed to Hawaii on Tuesday – and I can’t wait to share my experience here and in real-time on Insta. I’ll also be featuring my favorite Hawaiian hotels with fitness and wellness activities over on Fit & Fab Living when I get back. And because all I can think about is this trip, today’s Friday Faves are all related to travel – enjoy and have a great weekend!



Friday Faves, Travel Edition on

  • Maui & Kauai, Hawaii: Aka where I’m headed next week. I can’t wait. We’re staying and checking out a bunch of different resorts, activities, restaurants and more. Shown here is The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua in Maui – I wouldn’t mind laying by that pool with a good book for a few days! {via}
  • Perfect carry-on bags: The black bag shown here is my absolute go-to for a carry-on bag. It’s simple but has so much room, is high quality and slips right over the handle of my rolling suitcase. If you prefer something that you’ll use daily in your everyday life too, go for this bag. It comes in large and small sizes and lots of colors! I just got the large one in eggplant – can’t wait for it to come.
  • The ultimate carry-on rolling bag: I’m on the hunt for the perfect rolling suitcases and while I haven’t made any purchases yet, this carry-on suitcase definitely looks like a good option. In addition to having innovative wheels and other cool features, the best part is that it has a charging station right in the suitcase. No more searching for outlets and sitting on the floor at the airport! {via}
  • Insta travel inspiration: If you’re on the hunt for your next travel destination or just love pretty travel photos, this post will give you lots of travel Instagrammers that you should go ahead and follow for inspiration. Each one of them has their own style and vibe. {via; Insta via @lepostcard}


Rotating My Wardrobe with Le Tote

While I do still love going out and actually shopping in stores, it’s also no secret that I’m a big online shopper. It’s so convenient, plus I find it makes it easy to find sales and exactly the items you’re looking for before you buy. I recently came across Le Tote, a service that allows you to select clothing and accessories styles, add them to your virtual closet and then a package is sent with five items. From there, you wear everything for as long or as little as you want, then send it back and a new box is sent right out. If you find something you love, you can buy it at a discounted price and hold onto it. After learning more about how it works, I was excited about the opportunity to try it out for a few months.

I loved four out of five items I received in my first tote (one dress just didn’t quite fit). My recommendation is to select items that you either have certain occasions to wear in the near future or that can be worn in your everyday routine. I didn’t quite do this and ended up holding onto my first tote longer than I planned (which is totally fine, but personally I was going for one tote a month-ish). With that said, I’m glad I held onto it because the poncho I tried out may be the softest thing ever. I’m considering keeping it, especially since it’s reversible and one side is black. If you’re not quite sure if you want to keep something, you can ask to have an item resent in your next tote, which I might do.

Anyway, for today’s outfit post, I’m sharing that poncho I mentioned, along with fun and trendy earrings, both of which came in my first tote. And a few more things about this look… the leggings are my go-to’s – wear them to a workout class, errands, lounging around the house or you can even dress them up a bit like I did here. Plus they’re under $60 and come in lots of colors. The bag is from last season but is now available in black and green (both under $60!). And last but not least, YSL’s popular Rouge Pur Couture in #9 (Rose Stiletto) has been on repeat since I got it – it’s the perfect everyday pop of color that also keeps my lips nice and hydrated.

Shop the look using the links below and check out Le Tote at!


Shop the Look:

Poncho (also in black + white) / Leggings

Bag (black + green) / Booties (below; similar here)

Lipstick (via YSL/VoxBox) / Earrings (similar here)











*Le Tote provided me with their service for three months at no cost; all opinions are my own.*

Go Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

If you’ve been following along for at least a year or so, then you may remember that I had been contributing to Fit & Fab Living from time to time. I’m so excited to be writing for them again – starting with a fun post about “pink” products that give back to various breast cancer-related nonprofits to raise funds and awareness for research, etc. Head on over to Fit & Fab Living’s “11 Ways to Give Back During Breast Cancer Awareness Month” post to learn more about the pink products below from Drybar, Cureology Beauty, Morgan Taylor Lacquer, Avon, Paula & Chlo, HydroPeptide, Handful and Pilot Pens. And be sure to follow me on Facebook, as well as Fit & Fab Living, for more posts from yours truly!

11 Ways to Give Back During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

*While samples were provided for review, all opinions are my own.*

TGIF & Gold MacBook Giveaway

Happy Friday! Instead of my usual Friday Faves, today I’m sharing a fun giveaway that you won’t want to miss out on. I teamed up with a great group of bloggers to give you the opportunity to enter to win a gold MacBook, valued at at $1,299! All accessories and tech gadgets should be gold, am I right? You can come back and enter daily – good luck!

I am SO looking forward to a long weekend and am pretty excited about the weather forecast of high 60s and low 70s. Plus my best friend is coming into town and we’re having a girls brunch date, so it doesn’t get much better than that. Hope you all have great weekends too!



 Gold MacBook Giveaway on


Prize: Gold Macbook ($1299 value)

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