2018 Goals Reset – October-December

Ugh. We’re more than 3/4 through the year and it’s time to revisit those goals I set back in January. In typical Katy fashion, I set them too high. Today I’m taking a look back at what I have done and how I can continue progressing for the next 3ish months.

This time around I’m taking things month-by-month, being a bit more specific and not overwhelming myself with trying to take on too much at once. So far, it’s been helpful to see what I’m trying to accomplish each month because it’s easier to see what is actually feasible.

Goal Setting


Where I’m At: After reading Gretchen Rubin’s “The Happiness Project,” I decided this was something I could relate to. In general, I had hoped to take smaller steps to get to what I’m trying to accomplish because it’s less overwhelming. I’ve been better about starting a draft blog post or jotting down notes when I think of ideas – but I haven’t been making them into finished posts.

New Goal: Good news – I have lots of half-written posts done. Now it’s time to finish and publish these. And as I mentioned above, my overall approach to goal-setting is going to be about making progress throughout each month without overwhelming myself.


Where I’m At: I was off to a decent start this spring, with six blog posts in February and seven in April… but then I lost my groove. I have so many ideas but got busy with freelance writing work (yay!) and the craziness of summer. I also want to be better about promoting content I do write via social. My goal of 100 blog posts in 2018 is LOL at this point… I have 23 down so far.

New Goal: Aiming for 2-3 posts/week from now through the end of the year, which will bring in 26-39 more posts. Even on the low end, I’ll at least close out the year with 50 posts, 50% of my original goal. And on the note above, I want to take the time to promote my posts, particularly via Pinterest using Tailwind, which I hope to have all figured out within the next few months. I also have a big goal of going through a blog redesign before the New Year, but admittedly I need to do more research to understand how big of a project this really is.


Where I’m At: Ok… so I’ve only published one travel post so far this year on Daily Katy. BUT in April, I took on a freelance travel writing gig with TripSavvy.com, which is something I had been looking to do for a long time. Admittedly, it’s taken away from my regular blog content, but the reality is that it is a paying, steady job that I needed to get in a groove with before I could spend more energy on the blog.

New Goal: I still have lots of travel content to finish up and publish, including new recommendations from recent trips to Palm Springs, Savannah and soon Grand Cayman! Aiming to publish one travel guide a month for October, November and December. I’m also playing around with a new travel-specific Instagram, @katyctravels, so follow me there!


Where I’m At: I still have BIG aspirations when it comes to learning new skills. I have this urge to figure everything out for myself, but just don’t have time to do it all – or at least do it all well. I got a new iPad and the fancy pencil thing that goes with it but have yet to try out the Procreate app that I’ve been dying to learn. I also haven’t taken any photography or editing classes either, but I almost had my first gig shooting headshots, which unfortunately fell through due to scheduling.

New Goal: Not going to set this one too high. I’d like to play around with Procreate to teach myself digital calligraphy when the weather gets cooler, which seems like a good Sunday football activity. Next year I can get back into photography.


Where I’m At: Zero progress here. I’ve made a few sales on existing items in my shop here and there, but really haven’t spent much time building out my shop. I did create a few invitations and favors for a friends’ baby showers and as gifts, but haven’t yet posted them.

New Goal: Post what I’ve made! I don’t know why this always seems like such a daunting task. And after that, I plan to add a few new types of items to my shop – potentially a 2019 calendar and to do list notepads I’ve been playing around with. I also plan to listen to a few podcasts about how to best promote the products I do have in my shop, especially heading into the holiday season.


Where I’m At: This one was off to a slow start – but I blame my new-found love for podcasts. I was late to the game, but they are perfect for my short commute! Read about some of my favorite episodes/podcasts here. I had set a goal of reading 12 books this year – I’m at at least 8, so actually relatively on track. Definitely not one a month, but two YA trilogies helped me zoom through 6 books!

New Goal: Back to one book a month starting in November. It’ll be an extra bonus if I can get a third in during October or December, but right now it feels like I have a lot on my plate to start. I do want to publish at least one more book review blog post, which I already have in the works.


Where I’m At: I’ve been OK at this here and there and am gearing up to do a big Goodwill donation as I change over my summer to fall clothes.

New Goal: Keep working on this – it’s certainly not one of my strengths but I know it does make me feel good when I have fewer things to sift through when I get ready in the morning.


Where I’m At: SUCCESS! This year, I’ve successfully revamped my bathroom (see the full transformation and shop everything here) and our condo’s entryway (coming soon!). After being in our condo for over 6 years, it was time for a little bit of a refresh. The goal was/is to not break the bank because eventually we’ll move to a house outside the city.

New Goal: Next projects will probably be finding a good rug and coffee table for our living room, but this may not happen this year. I’ll be on the lookout – maybe something will catch my eye during holiday sale season.


Where I’m At: The 5-year daily journal and gratitude journals were a fail. Turns out that I’m not good at remembering to do things like this and then it feels incomplete and I stop all together. I did try out the Headspace app a few times.

New Goal: I think this will be a never-ending goal, as we could all use a little more of this in our lives. I would like to keep trying the Headspace app more consistently. And I also want to take time to do things like read a book, get my nails done, etc. – sans iPhone. I’m also trying not to mindlessly scroll quite as much.


Where I’m At: I think I’ve gotten a little better at doing things like writing my to do list the night before, but still have lots of work to do in this department.

New Goal: Refocus on small things – picking out an outfit for the following day before bed, not letting dirty laundry pile up beside my bed, responding to emails that only require a couple minutes of my time instead of letting them sit.


2018 Goals

Like most people, I’m not into resolutions. But I do want to be better about setting goals, so I’m going to put them all out here in writing so I can hold myself accountable. I’d love to hear your goals for the year! Maybe next year I’ll get to these before we’re halfway through January… better late than never!

2018 Goals

1. Progress, not perfection. My favorite book of 2017 was the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (more on that here). This is one of her mottos and one that has stuck with me – so I’m making it my main 2018 goal. I tend to have lofty goals and then get overwhelmed and don’t follow through on things. With the blog, I have a great idea for a blog post but then I start and don’t finish it for some reason. Or at home, I’ll avoid doing a closet clean out because I know it will be an all-day project and I don’t want to make an even bigger mess if I don’t finish what I set out to do. So this year, I want to take baby steps and when I have an idea, do a little bit at a time until I get there. The end result might not be perfect, but I’ll be taking steps in the right direction.

2. Put more focus on the blog. I upped my Insta game this year but admittedly didn’t blog as much as I wanted to. With Instagram (& Facebook) constantly changing their algorithm – and the potential that social networks could disappear/change and be replaced with new ones any day – I’m realizing that my blog is the only thing I can truly control. I also noticed that it’s where I see the most success with readers clicking through to items I’m recommending. I’m setting a goal of 100 posts in 2018. And with that, I need to do more sale and product roundups next year! Another goal within this is to pay more attention to my blog and social stats to get a better understanding of what my readers and followers like best. I also plan to continue contributing to other outlets whenever I can.

3. Hit publish on travel content. This goes back to that progress, not perfection thing. I have SO many travel posts halfway completed. I keep wanting to edit photos, add more recommendations, etc. Travel guides take a while for me to get through, but once they’re done, they’re the posts I’m most excited about and proud of. It’s my passion area – I wish I could travel all the time and focus on this topic even more! The goal for 2018 is to dig through my photos and trip notes (yes, I actually take notes on my phone while traveling so I remember all of my favorite parts!) and pull together posts for Italy, Ireland, Hawaii, Portugal and a few stateside locations. I can always update a travel guide with even more recommendations down the road – that mentality may help me get these up on the site!

4. Learn a few new skills. I loved taking photography classes back in 2016 and while I continued practicing and learning on my own last year, I didn’t necessarily learn anything new. I’d love to learn more about indoor photography – it’s just too cold to get outside whenever I want to take pics in the winter! On a similar note, I know I have lots to learn when it comes to editing – I’ve taught myself enough to get by in Lightroom, but I know there are lots of tips and tricks that would make that process easier and more effective. Last year was really the year of me playing around with graphic design, which led to the relaunch of my Etsy shop, Katy Roll Designs! I have so much fun with this and want to continue learning so I can make lots of fun things for the shop. And lastly, I loved taking a calligraphy class recently and would love to take a few more classes (either in-person or online) on this and/or hand lettering. If that fails, maybe I’ll try watercolor…

5. Grow my Etsy shop. I’ve had so much fun starting my Etsy shop back up this year (several years ago I sold handmade necklaces). Graphic design is so fun to me and I love creating new prints or other things for friends and random strangers on Etsy. It’s so rewarding when I get an email saying someone has placed an order! And framed prints make for great gifts. One of my favorite creations this year was a custom design for my sister-in-law where I created a print with her wedding vows to hang on a wall next to a photo from her wedding. I have lots of creations done but not yet uploaded, so I need to follow through on that!

6. Read more. This is an easy one – or at least it should be. I’ve always been a magazine person (I blame working in PR, but it really goes way back to pre-working girl years), but with many of them shutting down print versions, I’ve gone back to reading. I’ve always been a reader, but it was more of something that I did on vacation rather than in my everyday life. I just got this new Kindle for Christmas (no more glare when I’m reading outside!), so I’m setting a goal of 12 books this year – about 1 a month. And with that will come quarterly book reviews!

7. Declutter. I already started tackling a few drawers and rooms and so far so good on the decluttering piece of this, but I have a long way to go. I need to chip away a little at a time so I don’t get overwhelmed. I’ve been trying to list a few things each week on a consignment app, tossing anything that looks worn in a big giant Goodwill bag and throwing away anything that’s just plain old and unnecessary.

8. Make small updates around the house. We’ve been in our condo for almost 6 years and while I still love it, I think we’re due for a refresh. I’m not talking anything major – just maybe some new throw pillows, artwork on the walls, new coffee table, that sort of a thing. This isn’t our forever home due to space, but we also don’t plan to move anytime soon. We’re in the process of revamping the entryway and it will be nice to come home to when it’s done.

9. Be present & mindful. I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to completely disconnect from my phone, but I want to try to cut back on the constant mindless scrolling. I bought this 5-year daily journal and have kept on track with it so far – all you have to do is write one line a day. You write on the same page on the same date each year so you can reflect back on where you were previously. I also started a gratitude journal where I’ve been taking a similar approach and just writing one quick thought a day. We’ll see if I keep up with either or both! I’ve also heard great things about the app Headspace for meditation. I’ll try that out at some point.

10. Tackle the little things. After reading the Happiness Project and starting a bit of my own daily checklist for January (and I tested it out last year), I quickly realized that not letting little things linger is hugely helpful for me. A few examples: making a to do list for the next day before the day ends while it’s fresh in my mind, picking out an outfit to wear the day before, or putting things away right away instead of doing lots of cleanup at once. This also applies to work, especially emails. I can’t figure out why, but sometimes it’s the emails that are so quick to respond to that I take the longest to get back to.

Office Gifts & Decor

If you’re like me, then you love a good desk accessory. Turns out, with so many in fun colors and patterns now available, they also make for great gifts for coworkers or any friend with a love for desk or home decor. Because really, why wouldn’t someone want to brighten up their work space?

Today I’m sharing lots of great gift options. I personally have a slight obsession with all things pink, gold and white, but I threw in some other fun picks as well to mix things up. As a Chi Omega, I love when I come across anything with an owl on it like these gold push pins (under $4 for the set!). And since I make about 100 to-do lists a day, these dry erase coasters that look like notepads would be perfect for me, along with this to-do list booklet.

Shop all of the items shown here using the links below – and feel free to grab some for yourself too! For even more of my picks, follow along on Insta (@dailykatyblog). Just sign up for ShopStyle.it, like my pics and you’ll get a shoppable email delivered right to your inbox. Enjoy!


Office Gifts & Decor

Shop the Post:

Desk / Desk Calendar / Mugs

Stapler / Coasters / Notebook Set

To-Do Notebook / iPhone Case / Vase

Floral Charger / Dry Erase Coasters

Notecards / Owl Push PinsEarbuds

Carry-On Travel Bags

I’ve been taking lots of day trips and long weekend trips this year, both for work and play, and through that I’ve quickly learned the importance of having a good carry-on bag. Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite carry-on travel bags right now, all of which are perfect in their own way. Now I’m on the hunt for new rolling suitcases (both carry-on and larger with spinning wheels), so if you have any suggestions, let me know!

Carry-On Travel Bags on DailyKaty.com


1. cinda b Traveling Bowler

This bag (bottom left) quickly became one of my absolute, all-time favorite travel bags as soon as I started using it. I’ve mainly been using it as a carry-on bag when I travel on short trips because it has a zip opening to easily slip over my rolling suitcase handle, so it makes carrying all of my bags much easier. Plus the interior of it is even bigger than it looks and it fits everything I need, from my laptop and magazines to my purse, cosmetics and more, especially since there are lots of pockets. I’ve also used it as an overnight bag – it has an adjustable cross-body strap and also regular handles. And one of the best thing about cinda b bags is the fabric – it’s so durable and comes in tons of fun patterns. I went with Noir (all black) this time, but I love patterns like Neptune (shown on this beach bag). {cindab.com, $129}

2. Hayden-Harnett Ibiza Flight Tote

I discovered Hayden-Harnett last year and now I wish I could have one of everything they make. They have a line of travel bags and accessories that are great for work, weekends and travel. The bag shown in the photos isn’t available anymore, but they have an even better bag, the Ibiza Flight Tote, which comes in black, silvered grey, orchid (pink) and olive. I actually had my eyes on this bag but it wasn’t available when I got my other one! The Ibiza can be worn in up to six different ways thanks to its unique strap/handle and snap system, so you can change it up based on your preferences. {haydenharnett.com, $198}

3. LeSportsac  Voyager Backpack

Backpacks are back in style and I’ll be the first to admit that I love them. In fact, I’ve been using a backpack as my carry-on bag for years and I needed them to come back in style so I could get one that didn’t look like I was back in high school going to class. I love the LeSportsac Voyager Backpack because it’s nice and roomy and easy to get things in and out of. LeSportsac has so many fun prints and patterns that they introduce throughout the year – this one is a floral print called Euphoria. The Voyager has a drawstring closure and lots of of pockets to store your on-the-go essentials. I think this might even make a good beach bag this summer! {lesportsac.com, $118}

4. Baggalini Village Tote

Another great options that slides right over your suitcase handle is the Village Tote from Baggalini, one of their best-selling bags. This bag also has lots of pockets for organization and also has a removable coin purse and a padded front zipper pocket that’s perfect for my Nook or iPad. The Village Tote has a nice shoulder strap so it’s easy to carry and the style is more like a traditional shoulder bag, not quite as big as the cinda b bag above. The fabric is lightweight and water-resistant and while the blue shown here is no longer available, it comes in black, which is perfect for anytime use. {baggalini.com, $94.95}

Carry-On Travel Bags on DailyKaty.com

Carry-On Travel Bags on DailyKaty.com

Carry-On Travel Bags on DailyKaty.com

Carry-On Travel Bags on DailyKaty.com

Carry-On Travel Bags on DailyKaty.com

 Carry-On Travel Bags on DailyKaty.com

**While I was provided samples for review, all opinions are my own.**

Early Spring Work Style

It finally feels like spring here in New England, but it’s still been pretty chilly at night. And while I can’t wait for the days where I don’t even need a sweater or jacket at night, I wanted to share a lacey sweater that’s on sale right now for only $22 right now (shop it through the links!). It’s a great piece to add to your work style rotation, especially when it’s that time of year when you’re transitioning from chillier temps to spring. SheInside is a good site for trendy pieces that you don’t want to spend a ton of $ on – and if you shop using the us.sheinside.com site, you can usually get free shipping.

I’ve also had these American Eagle jeggings on repeat and this Hayden-Harnett bag is one of my faves for work (it’s no longer available, but they have similar options now). And then on my face I went with all bareMinerals for this look, including the new Complexion Rescue tinted face cream (my go-to for my speedy work makeup routine) and Pop of Passion lip oil-balm.








 Shop the look:

Sweater (only $22!)

Necklace (old, linked to similar) / Booties (old, linked to similar)

Jeggings (under $40!) / c/o Bag (old, linked to similar)

c/o Lips, Face, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner & Mascara

Hope you all have a great week! Don’t forget to enter the $300 Target gift card and Spring FabFitFun box giveaways – there’s still time!



Friday Faves {April 10, 2015}

Cheers to the weekend, the weather in New England finally starting to feel like spring today. Now time for my Friday Faves…


1. Home office perfect for city living. Why didn’t I discover this mini desk before I put a not-as-perfect desk into a tiny random room we have that doubles as an office and storage? This desk is both a functional desk and nightstand – great for a spare bedroom. Buy it here in white or chocolate – it’s even on sale. #iwantit {popsugar.com}

2. DIY floral arrangements. Is there anything Blake Lively doesn’t do? She has a trick for creating her own floral arrangements, and all it takes is heading to your local grocery store and picking up a few of their generic, pre-made bouquets. Then you rearrange into prettier bouquets for around the house. {brit.co}

3. Make-ahead Chipotle-style burrito bowls. That says it all, doesn’t it? I’m all about a mexican “bowl” of any type, but mine usually consist of lettuce, taco meat, veggies and the usual toppings. This recipe takes it up a notch but is still pretty easy and can be prepped ahead of time (and it can even be stored in the freezer). You just make chicken, cilantro-lime rice, black beans and corn salsa, then add toppings. {today.com}

4. More habits of organized people. I do a few of these (write everything down… check – I’m a crazy list person)… but I could use some work on others (having a home for everything, having less stuff, etc.). This is a good, realistic list of things that do work if you commit to them. I’m organized when it comes to productivity, but my desk and house certainly don’t look like they belong to an organized person… {refinery29.com}

Friday Faves {August 15, 2014}

Happy Friday! My husband, pup and I are headed off to Provincetown, Cape Cod this morning, but wanted to share some of my favorite links this week. Check them out below, have a great weekend and I’ll be back Sunday night!

 photo ab3a6b99-05be-415a-bc03-db3c553f14b6_zps794a74f2.jpg

  1. Closet Envy: This amazing closet/office designed for Rach Parcell of Pink Peonies by Alice Lane has everything a girl could want.
  2. Puppy Love: My new favorite Instagram account, BullyInstagram. How can pics of adorable bulldogs not make me happy.
  3. Lauren Conrad: Slight obsession with her in general – probably due to my high school obsession with Laguna Beach… but really, I’m loving her new items from her LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s collection and also this giveaway.
  4. Office Inspiration: Love this home office look from The Everygirl. Can’t wait til I finally get around to updating my home office space.

What were your favorite links this week? Let us know in the comments below!

Working Jams: What Music Should You Listen to on the Job? {Infographic}

This short week following Memorial Day has required some extra productivity at work for me. When I’m not in meetings and I’m trying to cruise through my to do list, I usually throw on my headphones to avoid distractions (and of course, for entertainment). I write quite a bit for work, so I usually find myself listening to low-key music (think Colbie Caillat or country).

Earlier today, I came across a fun infographic from Sonos that helps you determine the best music to listen to at work, depending on your profession and what you do all day. I ended up with ambient as a genre recommendation, but since I’m a “creative cat,” there are no genre restrictions limited. Check it out below and see what you should be listening to!

Work Music

What’s your favorite workplace music – and does it align with this infographic? Let us know below!

Erin Condren’s Life Planners {Review & Giveaway}

If you’ve been following DailyKaty, then you already know that one of my goals for 2014 is to stay organized. I’m big on lists, mainly because it feels great to actually cross things off, and there’s no better way to keep lists organized than with a planner. One of my colleagues showed up to a meeting one day with a bright, super-organized planner and I instantly had to have one. As it turns out, the planner was one of Erin Condren‘s Life Planners. Once you check out the website, you’ll instantly see why these planners are so great. To sum it up, these planners are completely personalized, above-and-beyond organized and also bright and stylish.

erincondren planner

There are so many great, practical features that make the Life Planner stand out. I’ve been using it to stay organized at work and can already say that it’s been making a huge difference – both with my productivity and motivation to stay organized. I love how the weekly spreads are divided into morning, day and night so that I can really plan out my day. Check out some of my favorite features below:

erin condren laminated cover
erin condren laminated tabs
erin condren coil
erin condren 2 pg cal
erin condren page holder
erin condren folder
erin condren notes
erin condren calendar

In addition to the features shown above, it comes with goals and to-do lists for every week and month, inspirational quotes , and  stickers for birthdays and other important dates, gift labels, contact pages and more. For a bit extra, you can personalize your planner even more with custom stickers, matching notepads, a pen holder, marker set and elastic bands to hold your place. It’s really up to you, which is one of the best things about Erin Condren. Each planner measures 7.25″ x 9.25″ and has 238 pages, including the tabs.

Erin Condren Life Planners can be purchased on ErinCondren.com, starting at $50. In addition to planners, Erin Condren offers a variety of other equally as awesome products, including jumbo calendars, desk pads, notepads and much, much more!

Giveaway! Now through March 31, 2014, you can enter to win a $25 eGift Card to ErinCondren.com, where you can pick out your very own personalized life planner or product of your choice! Just in case you don’t win the giveaway, you can also get $10 off your order using this link.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**While I was not compensated for this post, Erin Condren provided me with $25 off in exchange for this review, and will be providing the $25 eGift Card for the giveaway. Additionally, for each purchase made with my referral link, I will receive a $10 credit to ErinCondren.com.

Giveaway: See Jane Work & Choosing an Office Color Scheme

If you read my 2014 New Year’s resolutions post, then you know that one of my main goals is to declutter and stay organized this year. This applies to all aspects of my life, including my work life. With that said, I’m going to be organizing and decorating both my cube at work and my home office (I work from home on Fridays) – and I’ll be sharing tips and products along the way.

First up is a great company that I recently discovered, See Jane Work, which is all about office style and organization. My favorite thing about See Jane Work is that they offer lots of fun, yet practical office products, all of which will make you a little bit happier about being stuck behind your computer for the work day. The founder and creative director, Holly Weiss, also offers tips on how to organize in style, which are super helpful.

See Jane Work 4

Holly offers great advice on how to choose an office color scheme, so that’s where I decided to start out. I decided to go with blues, pinks/corals, white and gold for my color scheme, and I’m starting it off with See Jane Work’s Hand-Painted Desk Caddy ($30) and matching Desk Tray ($20). The Desk Caddy has three connected compartments that are perfect for storing desktop tools and writing implements, and the Desk Tray is great for displaying your business cards, collecting other’s business cards or storing miscellaneous items that you use frequently, such as lip glosses and hand lotion.

See Jane Work 1

See Jane Work 3

Read on below for more on how to pick out your office color scheme and enter the Desk Caddy & Tray giveaway!

Choosing an Office Color Scheme

Holly has some great tips on how to choose an office color scheme, which is an important when considering the type of work environment you want to create for yourself. Here are her basic guidelines:

First, consider your objectives for the space and the effect your office color will have on coworkers and clients. For example, researchers found that red caused people to work faster. If that’s the case then shouldn’t everyone paint their office red? Definitely not, those same workers had more errors and higher heart rates. A red office would not be the best choice for a CPA.

Once you’ve figured out your objectives you need to decide on a color or colors. This should go without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway – test a color before you commit. Whether it’s a storage box or a paint color, live with it for a few weeks before you make a final decision. Also consider color combinations for balance and experiment with different color tones to achieve the desired effect.

Choosing an Office Color Scheme

Pink has a relaxing effect which is surprising considering it’s just a lighter shade of red. Nonetheless it can help with anxiety or aggressive behavior. It also looks great with green so if you’re feeling a little uptight, a green and pink color scheme could do wonders for you.

Choosing an Office Color Scheme

Blue has a calming effect. It can slightly lower blood pressure, heart rate and respiration. For balance and style combine blue with orange. Some shades of blue like turquoise are said to promote communication.

Choosing an Office Color Scheme

Green is soothing and relaxing so if you’re prone to anxiety at work, a predominately green office could be helpful. (It does curb the appetite, so if your office is a restaurant, green isn’t the color for you.)

Choosing an Office Color Scheme

Yellow is considered a memorable color. Is this why basic sticky notes come in yellow? Yellow is also a good color for concentration and self-esteem, perfect for a study area. When choosing a shade of yellow try to avoid the school bus look by selecting muted shades or simply balance with grey.

Choosing an Office Color Scheme

Red, like Orange and Yellow, has a stimulating effect. Studies have proven high cortical arousal in red rooms. It increases the heart rate and blood pressure, not a good choice if you suffer from high blood pressure. The color red is also associated with vitality, energy and ambition.

Choosing an Office Color Scheme

Violet or purple is considered to be the most versatile color. It promotes peace, wisdom, intuition and artistry. (I hope they have plans to paint all the walls in Washington D.C. violet!) Some say it can even help with headaches. No scientific tests have confirmed this, but if you suffer from headaches at work it’s worth trying.

Choosing an Office Color Scheme

Black is associated with strength and confidence. That’s why your black suit makes you feel powerful.

Choosing an Office Color Scheme

Orange is stimulating and can reduce fatigue. It has a warming effect that can work wonders in a room that is perpetually cold. It can also stimulate your appetite so I’ll be avoiding orange walls in my office.

Choosing an Office Color Scheme

White is a combination of all colors so while an all white room can be sterile, it can soften and illuminate other colors in the spectrum. If you have floor to ceiling windows in your office (I’m jealous) white walls can balance the colors coming in from the outdoors.

Choosing colors is still more of an art than a science. Studies seem conflicting and the results are complicated. In one study participants heart rates were lower in a multi-colored room than they were in a grey room. This seems to conflict with the evidence that red increases heart rates, but could provide scientific evidence that Jonathan Adler is on to something. The good thing is that color is easy to change. If you invest in neutral basics and accessorize with color you can make adjustments till you find the color scheme that’s right for you.

Now through Monday, March 3, 2014, you can enter to win your own Hand-Painted Desk Caddy & Tray. Enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**While I was not compensated for this post, See Jane Work provided me with samples for review and to give away. The tips on choosing an office color scheme were written by See Jane Work’s founder, Holly Bohn Weiss. All opinions are my own.