Infographic: How Office Tech & Decor Affect Productivity

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to declutter and be more productive – and that includes at the office. While I’ve already done a good job of keeping my inbox below 50 at all times, I’m also looking for ways to reorganize my desk to create a clean and productive daily work environment for myself.

This weekend, I came across the infographic below, which gives 12 great tips to create a more productive work environment, whether it be a home office or cubicle. According to The Everygirl, who created the infographic with Intel, “your office space is officially among one of the five most important factors in feeling professionally happy and productive (the other four are your schedule, work relationships, task choices and learning opportunities). Believe it or not, clutter, lighting, colors and spatial organization all play a significant role in how productive you are each day.”



Do you have any tips for office productivity or organization? Leave them below!

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