Working Jams: What Music Should You Listen to on the Job? {Infographic}

This short week following Memorial Day has required some extra productivity at work for me. When I’m not in meetings and I’m trying to cruise through my to do list, I usually throw on my headphones to avoid distractions (and of course, for entertainment). I write quite a bit for work, so I usually find myself listening to low-key music (think Colbie Caillat or country).

Earlier today, I came across a fun infographic from Sonos that helps you determine the best music to listen to at work, depending on your profession and what you do all day. I ended up with ambient as a genre recommendation, but since I’m a “creative cat,” there are no genre restrictions limited. Check it out below and see what you should be listening to!

Work Music

What’s your favorite workplace music – and does it align with this infographic? Let us know below!

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