Holiday Gift Guide: For the Dogs – Part 1

This is our first Christmas with Hank, so obviously I went a little overboard on presents for him. Below are some great gifts for dogs – a jacket, toys, treats and more. And I’ll be back with more ideas soon!

Gifts for Dogs
  • Ruffwear Quinzee JacketBefore we had Hank, I didn’t even think of the fact that dogs – especially little ones that live in New England – actually need jackets. Hank likes this one – it’s lightweight but insulated so it keeps him warm. It also has a buckle on each side so it’s super easy to get on and off of him. {, $84.95}
  • Ruffwear Bivy Cinch BowlBefore we had this, when we brought Hank to a friend’s house and had to feed him, we would either put his food in a ziplock bag or tupperware. But with this bowl, you can put the food in there and it collapses flat so it barely takes up any room in your bag, and then you can expand it into a bowl when he’s ready to eat. {, $29.95}
  • P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You Santa’s Little Squeakers: Hank has been playing with these festive toys since the second they arrived. I originally planned on hanging them as ornaments until Christmas, but he was too happy with them for me to take them away. The set comes with five plush toys inspired by some of the best parts of Christmas – snowflakes, fir trees and ugly holiday sweaters – and they’re filled with eco-friendly soft PlanetFill polyfiber. They even have a double layer exterior and stitching that makes them more durable than most toys – they’re still in great shape even after lots of play time. {, $37.90 for the set, $6.50-$12.90 individually}
  • P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You Big Bone: This is great for bringing on-the-go – and when we’re at home, Hank lays with it in his bed. This bone-shaped cushion gives him neck support and it also transforms into a blanket and thinner pillow. Right now, we have the blanket zipped off so he can cuddle with it. Both the pillow and blanket are super soft too. {, $59}
  • Whole Paws Gingerbread Large Dog BiscuitsHank loves these gingerbread dog biscuits. They’re made with wholesome, all natural ingredients – no artificial flavors, by-products, unnecessary grains or fillers – so I can feel good about giving him treats. {Whole Foods}
  • Soggy Doggy DoormatI love these door mats because they actually look nice in your home and also do what they’re supposed to – absorb water and mud when Hank comes in the door. They’re quick drying and stay odor and bacteria free. You can even use it as a soft crate liner or a placemat for your dog’s food. The only downfall is that Hank sometimes tries to use it as a blanket because it’s so soft. Promo code! UseEXAM20 for 20% off. {, $21.99 for small doormat}
  • Fruitables Vanilla Snowflake Flavor Treats: Hank has loved Fruitables since we first brought him home, so I was excited to hear about these. They’re made with real snowflakes – 300 from the mountains in Crested Butte, Colorado to be exact – plus pumpkin granola and yogurt, all for only nine calories. The packaging is also nice and festive for the holidays. {, $4.99}
  • Indigo Smokehouse Strips by PetSafeThis safe, healthy jerky alternative is made in the USA with real fresh chicken or pork as the main ingredient. They have a smoked and cured flavor that your pup will love and they’re vacuum sealed for freshness. {, $2.99}
  • ORGANIX Jerky Chip Cookies: These all-natural dog cookie treats are oven-baked with organic oatmeal and protein-packed jerky chips from chicken, salmon, beef liver or lamb. They also have organic fruits and veggies, like peas, apples and carrots. {, $6.99}

Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs -

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